What we do

Over the years, Van Dam Shipping has developed from a captain owner into the shipping company it is today. Besides the shipping company, Van Dam Shipping is also involved in a number of umbrella organisations. In all our projects, enterprises and processes, the focus is on sustainable technology, sustainable deployment and sustainable shipping.


VD Green Future

Although our passion for shipping has remained unchanged through the generations, the world of shipping has done anything but stand still. We started in the era of heavy oil, but Van Dam now sees a future of zero emissions. For us, and all our partners, that is a huge challenge. A challenge that we face with enthusiasm and confidence, thanks to our years of experience and knowledge. But we cannot do it alone. That is why we are always looking for partners with a green objective. Partners who, like us, demonstrate their commitment to all the various facets of sustainability. Who, like us, see the transition as an opportunity, not as a challenge.


VD Innovation & VD Scheepsmanagement

VD Innovation (\VD Scheepsmanagement) offers partners a complete package of ship management services. Years of experience with our own shipping company have given us the know-how that we can apply to several parties and their own ships. We take all the worries out of the ship owner’s hands in terms of: ISM, Technical and Crew Management and ICT.