VD Innovation

Our experience has taught us what it means to keep a ship operational. From the crew to the certificates. VD Innovation puts this knowledge and experience to work for our partners. We take the burden off ship owners and provide everything, bar the ship, needed to keep a ship operational.


Why do you need ship management?

The administrative requirements for shipping are becoming stricter by the day. We often see that ship owners underestimate this workload. Where they save costs by buying their own fleet, they add them by inefficient sailing times, awkward crew movements and complicated certification procedures. VD Innovation offers a full service package to take all these issues off the hands of ship owners.


Services within VD Innovation

VD Innovation provides services in areas like safety and ISPS/ISM, procurement, technical support, certificate management, crew management, training and payroll and general management such as accounting, planning and administration. Of course, we fully customise the services we provide to our partners. Thus, we are ready to offer the full service package, but we can also leave some matters up to you. Thanks to our flexibility, short lines of communication and expertise, we are always able to find a form of collaboration that works optimally.


Ship management by Van Dam Shipping

At Van Dam Shipping, we are always thinking about the future of shipping. That is precisely why we want to help our partners organise their ship transport as efficiently as possible. This does not only prevent them from incurring unnecessary costs, but also allows us to realise the most sustainable transport possible.